A little about me

Hi! I'm a developer who loves to work with Java, Flutter and cloud services like GCP/Azure. I'm currently working on my competitive programming skills along with building a strong base on Data Structures & Algorithms and System Design. Currently I'm pursuing my under gard in Electronics and Coommunication Engineering from MBCET, Trivandrum.

While in my college, I had the amazing opportunity to be a lead of Developer Student Clubs at my campus, Dean @ School of AI Trivandrum, and much more amazing opportunities which holds me close to the community initiatives.

In my free time, I listen to my music playlists, sing or browse something continuously over the internet.

I have experience working with the following

Programming Languages:Java, C++, Flutter, Python, HTML/CSS

Frameworks / Libraries / Tools :Flutter, PyTorch, Keras, scikit-learn, Matlab

IDEs / Version Control Systems: Jupyter, VSCode, Eclipse, Git

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu

App Development

Building native cross platform applications using Flutter

Machine Learning

Image recognition, Classification and Research


C++/Java, web development


Building rich conversational bots that can be deployed on multiple platforms




February 2019 - April 2020

DSC is a student community powered by Google Developers. DSC aims at up skilling students in new technologies and bridge the academic-industry skill gap. DSC MBCET has impacted over 1000 students across India.


  • Conducted meetups, workshops, bootcamps, and other similar events at MBCET.

Dean & Event Organizer @ School of AI, Trivandrum

September 2019 - Present

School of AI is an education movement of bringing all the AI enthusiast under a single hood and helping them with the proper resources and making this world a better place to live with AI.


  • Hosted community meetups, hackathons, webinars, online study groups and other similar events.

Instrucutor @ Udemy

October 2018 - Present

I have created and published three courses on the Udemy Platform which are being used by more than 7000 people across the world.


  • More than 30000 students enrolled to the course.
  • Comparitively higher course completion rate.

AI Research Intern

June 2019 - August 2019

CodeofDuty Innovations is a product based company working on AI.


  • Research and development of Strategy
  • Development of a new product
  • Conducting more study and adding more features